iCentris Case Study

Trilarity identified and measured the key attributes/functionalities needed in the company’s next generation software products.

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Client Overview

iCentris is a developer/marketer of software systems designed specifically for multi-level marketing companies. The Company offers a complete system that helps distributors connect with prospects, manage down line growth, communicate, and professionally market their business. The Company’s system includes performance reports, contact management, order management, personalized websites, new distributor enrollment, party management, and private social networking.

The Challenge

iCentris was developing a new generation of its software solutions in the midst of rapidly changing market and competitive dynamics. It needed a robust, objective assessment of what customers currently valued, as well as where customer requirements were headed over the medium term.

The Solution

Trilarity was engaged by iCentris to conduct a Voice of the Customer study. In this project we interviewed senior-level decision-makers at many of the Company’s top customers. These interviews uncovered intelligence and key insights which informed investment decisions regarding product strategy, staffing, service capabilities and new product development.

"As our product development team worked on a major upgrade to our productivity tools, both the management team and our investors wanted to be sure that we were headed in the right direction. We engaged Trilarity to conduct in-depth conversations with our top customers. Their work yielded exceptional, actionable insights regarding product requirements, the customer experience, and competitive threats."

Peter Benedict
Former Chief Executive Officer iCentris, Inc.

1. Identified and ranked the attributes/functionalities most valued by customers.
2. Mapped the evolving technological requirements of top customers and identified functionalities required to meet/exceed these requirements.
3. Identified the most valued new features being developed by competitors, allowing iCentris to leapfrog these competitors and increase market penetration.

The Results

Using insights uncovered by Trilarity’s VOC study, iCentris developed a groundbreaking set of new functionalities that led to a very successful launch of its latest suite of software solutions.