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Your Channel Partners

maximize your channel partners

We generate and interpret intelligence from in-depth conversations with retailers, dealers, distributors, installers, converters, and downstream processors.

Our channel partner interview programs are designed to provide answers to your specific market-related questions. We conduct channel partner interviews in projects involving market strategy assessment, new product/service development, salesforce effectiveness, mergers & acquisitions, and industry/market studies.

Some of the common questions answered by our channel interview programs include:

  • My channel partners don’t seem to be executing as planned- what are the issues?
  • Delivery systems are being transformed by technology and new competitors. Do I have the right routes to market in place?
  • How do different customer segments want to do business? How can we redesign our channel strategy in a customer-centric way?
  • Our competitors appear to be gaining share. What are the causes?
  • Do we have the right channel incentive programs in place?
  • I’m concerned channel loyalty and discipline is eroding. What are the underlying causes? What can we do to rebuild trust and loyalty?

Participants in our interview programs have included key decision-makers from: